COVID19 Business Outlook


UNITY IN A VIRTUAL WORKPLACE How to Unite Disparate Teams to Work as One In addition to the large human cost that COVID-19 has had on the world, its effect on the hospitality industry has been unprecedented. Because COVID has taken more jobs out of the office and further online, companies

COVID19 New Corporate Business Travel-Where to Get Intel

CORPORATE BUSINESS TRAVEL SLOWLY RETURNING! Hoteliers are seeing indications corporate business travel is slowly returning! There are subtle shifts in corporate business travel policies causing instant regeneration of travelers from companies to your markets. As more people travel their level of comfort and viral sharing of their experiences will continue to impact this recovery. ARE


COVID-19 WEBINARS HOSPITALITY ANALYTICS FIRM Knowland held a webinar series on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. Themes included business stabilization, preparing for the economic rebound and the “new normal” of events and meetings. Key points in this series are still applicable today now over 8 months into the

Primary Business Sectors Traveling Now or Returning First

Corporate transient travel is anticipated to be the first to return once cross state shelter at home restrictions are lifted. A new face of business travel is expected with less people traveling through Q1 2021. Travel Managers are indicating they see reigniting limited business travel by as early as June 2020. Globally travel will predominantly

Top Actions-Capture “New” Corporate Transient Traveler

TOP ACTIONS FOR HOTELS Stay Front of Mind- “selling “is not the method. Staying present, outreach, clear communication and useful resources. Duty of Care Policy- Program Managers & Organizations see this as new requirement of Hotels. Formal policy communication & training applying to health & safety. Post- GDS, online, Program Managers, Companies and Reservations, Sales,

New Norm of Business Travel

Corporate Travel Outlook – New Norm of Business Travel Business development today is essential to capture the” new norm” of business transient traveler. Transient corporate business is not business as usual. New “essential” business type traveler. New health & safety requirements. Less people will travel. Q3 & 4, 2020 &

Hotels that do this relationship building and maintenance will see recovery faster

Hotels that do this relationship building and maintenance will see recovery faster Prospecting Now is NOT the time for cold calls.  Client outreach, staying in touch, keep momentum of communication and strengthening relationships are key to recovery contact let them know we are here when they are ready to book. NOT

Key Recovery Expectations Steps

Key Recovery Expectations & Steps Establish immediate Sales & Catering virtual staffing and phased onboarding of remaining Group & Catering sales team. Immediate Rooms Need During Crisis- target local contacts who are booking. FEMA National Guard First Responders- Healthcare and others distancing from family by isolation in hotels during service and

Best practices to effectively design a maintenance and recovery plan

Best practices to effectively design a maintenance and recovery plan Groups Sales Efforts Now is the time to act and put a strategic, written plan for recovery in place. Hospitality Revenue Solutions collaborated with Knowland Group, Kristin House, SVP ConferenceDirect, other Meeting Planners, and other hospitality meetings related leadership. This

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We offer remote virtual, interactive hospitality training that is customized to the skills and roles of your associates from line level to corporate vice presidents of sales, marketing & revenue management. We offer expert training for full service: corporate, urban, luxury, resort hotels to select service or extended stay hotels.


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