Finding New Corporate Travel

COVID-19 drastic reduction in travel has every hotel looking for an advantage over the market hotels in developing and capturing the return of business travel. It is important to be prepared with detailed, CURRENT account knowledge to identify new business, and returning travel.

By using the right information using Agency360+ and other data you will gain acceptance into travel programs when a company is not adding hotels or trimming approved hotels and optimizing portfolio account loyalty.

Improve report filtering, quickly finding the right business opportunities and using information to strengthen account development and client relationships.

Prepare your teams with new and refined business transient development tools and strategies to get a jump on your competition and lead in recovery!

Amadeus Hospitality online courses and Account Manager training provided with your Agency360 subscription are very high level, often not using your specific hotel reports or relating to role-specific uses.  That is to say, we do recommend taking these online courses as prerequisites to our training course. Allowing more time to focus on what is not taught in these courses when taking our advanced Agency360+ courses.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions LLC advanced training courses’ primary focus is to help you uncover your individual hotel data by digging deeper into your hotels Agency360+.

Our courses incorporate Agency360+ data and other real-time business transient knowledge, resources, and skill development.

Participants strengthen their Business Transient segment knowledge and skills learning best practices of how to develop stronger account alliances.  Instructors work daily within the Business Transient segment, incorporating current business travel intelligence and trends.  Learn role specific uses of Agency360+  for Directors of Sales, Business Transient Managers, Revenue Managers, and even General Managers for a comprehensive business transient development approach.

To start, every attendee who has taken our courses say “the NEWAgency360+ is now much more approachable!

Easily navigate to new useful reports, optimize time in the report, and better apply useful intelligence during client engagement. Quickly access and filter to the right reports for the purpose you are seeking at that moment.

Clients have shared “the more you know about their account and travel to your specific market the more they want to speak and do business with you.” You’re prepared with up-to-date information about your Corporate Account travel every time you prospect and speak with clients. Often finding and supporting new opportunities when client may not know there is a need.

Throughout the return of Covid19 impacted corporate travel you will identify the new corporate traveler, confidently determine and support rate negotiations, and grow travel volume.

Even seasoned Agency360+ report users have shared they gain very valuable new uses and more efficient ways to elevate the level of use and incorporation of information into client development.

Hotels and portfolios who need to rebuild, grow or strengthen their Business Transient market segment in their markets. Including corporate level: Brand Business Transient Leadership, Hotel Management Companies and Ownership Groups.

The business intelligence from Agency360+ impacts many roles across all divisions. Each role should utilize report to focus initiatives, identifying and strengthening business transient account development opportunities.

Even the most experienced Agency360+ users have gained valuable, time saving practices they express did improve their ability to grow share!

Attendees for courses should be: Business Transient Sales Managers, Global, Regional and property Director of Sales, Revenue Managers, and General Managers. Anyone involved in segment account development, budget or goal development, revenue achievement, and oversight of total hotel sales.

Hoteliers who continue to invest in our advanced Agency360+ courses gain a competitive edge and strengthen adaptation of this invaluable information. By not using the tool the same way most of the industry is using Agency360+, you refine and identify stronger business opportunities!

  • Our courses use your report, providing relevant hotel specific data.
  • Develop strong account detail and actionable plans to immediately apply to growing business transient accounts post course!
  • Strengthens Client and Global Sales engagement value through informed backyard market client travel intelligence.
  • Increases user adoption of the NEW Agency360+ seeing strong ROI for your subscription investment.
  • Improves time spent effectively seeking key information every time you prepare for client engagement or prospecting.
  • Clients will want to engage with you because you bring valuable information to them every time. Resulting in more business!
  • Enterprise360 subscribers leverage and grow shared portfolio preferred accounts and add new portfolio hotels not receiving share.
  • Quickly identify and leverage intelligence to grow more company accounts, negotiate with confidence, and strengthen production.
  • Course includes high-level business transient training and development in addition to NEW Agency360+ training based on experience.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions provides many levels of Agency360+ training for your Business Transient Manager, Directors of Sales, Revenue Managers and General Managers.

HERE ARE A FEW COURSE OFFERINGS: Advanced Agency360+ Virtual or In-Person Day Training, Hot Topics Ongoing BT Training, Weekly Account Research & Prospecting, Agency360+ Data Mining, or Customized Services.

NO BT MANAGER? Hoteliers have hired our Business Transient Development Services. Providing- individual hotel target account development,  preparation for RFP Season Business Cases, Full RFP Season account research and bidding, data backed pricing recommendations, and outsourced virtual Business Transient Sales roles.

Since each hotel or portfolio has a unique need, please contact us via our Request Proposal button on the Home Page to schedule a time to discuss how we may optimize your Business Transient segment!

Virtual Agency360 Training
Hospitality Consulting Services


Hospitality consulting services providing to Sales, Revenue Management. Operations and advisory roles.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions carefully selected network of hospitality consultants are well regarded industry thought leaders with diverse expertise and resources.

Our holistic approach to each consulting service often impacts multiple revenue streams within your hotel and portfolio while not only one need or role but

Many hotels do not have the resources to pay for a permanent highly skilled hospitality executive that come with high salaries. By hiring an outside hotel consultant, you gain industry expertise while addressing what you need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time permanent associate.

Hospitality Training Services


Hospitality Revenue Solutions provides hotels and resorts training and development services designed for today’s industry sales, marketing, revenue management and hospitality systems training needs.  Our training is customized to your hotel or company portfolio specific market, resources and needs.

Training courses are offered virtually or in person.

Each course is designed for your attendees level of skill. We provide junior to executive level training courses specific to the hotel, resort and destination industry.  These training courses can include in-depth, hands on sales, Agency360 advanced skills, marketing, revenue management and hotel operations and systems training.

Hospitality Task Force Services


Hospitality Task Force Consultants provide temporary seasoned staffing for critical hotel positions or special project needs.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions carefully qualify our network of task force consultants helping you to quickly gain the support you seek. Our seasoned consultants are used to stepping into a hotel task force need with little to no ramp up time.

Invest in preventing loss of momentum, moral and most importantly revenues by placing a task force consultant in an open role.

Use as a fluid resource fulfilling today’s erratic COVID19 daily staffing needs until you are ready to bring employees back long term.

Specific projects gain by our specialized consultants industry expertise and broad knowledge you may not have within your internal team.

Hospitality Systems Consultants


Today’s hotel world requires effective and optimized systems to ensure your hotel’s data and sales opportunities are realized. From Hotel Sales & Catering Systems, Booking Engines, Hotel PMS & Operations POS systems, Revenue Management systems to Website sourcing & optimization, hoteliers need to have these systems working to insure they are capturing every revenue opportunity available.