Hotel sales efforts benefit from a fresh look at the market, and a refresh on sales skills, marketing efforts, brand positioning and leadership assistance. Hospitality Revenue Solutions provides Sales & Marketing Audits, Sales Seminars and seasoned Sales Leadership to help enhance your effectiveness.

Your teams gain from our senior consultants comprehensive industry experience, diverse hotel industry knowledge, skills and customer insights to elevate your hotel or portfolio sales strategies and market penetration. Our exposure to hotel industry brand and independent best practices, along with incorporating your AI & business intelligence resources, brings a level of industry intelligence not easily achievable within your company sales divisions.


Our “dream,-team” of revenue management specialists can assist with all your revenue management needs- from developing a new revenue strategy, integrating your business intelligence resources better, to optimizing your systems and channel connectivity driving new and more effective revenues.

We take a holistic approach to revenue management ensuring all channels, systems, and cross-departmental strategies are aligned. Incorporating our comprehensive industry expertise accelerates your revenue optimization. Need a short-term strategist to provide a fresh perspective on your revenue strategies? A revenue audit, or help to create annual revenue strategies and budgets? Or short-term task force coverage? How about ongoing daily revenue support, fully outsourcing your revenue management, or just having a senior strategist collaborating with your team? We customize our support based on your unique needs strengthening revenue management strategies to set your hotel up for success.


Hotel Sales & Revenue Teams struggle with spending time on non-sales focused job demands, unqualified sales leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities. Even when a team is performing well they benefit from continual training a coaching keeping a fresh look at their market and where potential presents itself.

Our sales and revenue customized training and coaching sessions focus to improve work performance, strategic focused sales and revenue targets, and time management increasing individual and team effectiveness growing revenues and opportunities.


Audits of your sales, marketing and revenue efforts help to recognize successes, refine your targets, streamlining and improving your strategies and efforts.

Our sales audits include:

  • A thorough review of key aspects of your sales efforts, current performance to market, strengths of sales team and hotel offerings, and brand.
  • Our clients receive an actionable report on the results of the review, pinpointing observations and strategies for improvement.

Our marketing audits provide:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of current hotel marketing efforts.
  • We review your current brand messaging, demographics profiling, current channels, online and offline marketing campaigns, and results.
  • Marketing audit reports will provide accolades for campaigns and efforts well done, in addition to new strategic recommendations and actionable steps for the hotel or corporate team to apply to enhance results and position efforts optimally.

Our revenue audits provide:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of current practices and processes including a complete systems audit of distribution and PMS systems.
  • Providing insights into successful strategies already in place, and an actionable report on data-supported strategies to improve your revenue efforts.


Hospitality Revenue Solutions offers remote hotel sales coverage: an alternative to on-property sales. These managers handle all aspects of assigned sales roles for your hotel remotely. Hotels can place a seasoned salesperson in the sales role when resources or market availability at the property level can’t.

Allow us to take on your seasonal RFP bid, tracking & rate build facilitation including GDS Audits to ensure your corporate business travel segment is optimized. Our consultants take on the complete RFP bidding and acceptance tracking process. This skilled RFP Team alleviates the time spent by your hotel team from July – January on the RFP process, allowing your sales team to focus their efforts on continued sales generation.

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“It was a pleasure working with Alison Ahrens on a marketing assessment conducted for Allegretto Vineyard Resort. The final assessment was insightful, astute, knowledgeable and a valuable framework for examining the resort’s marketing strategies more closely as a means of ensuring its continued success.”

Jim Roos, President, Ayres Hotels

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