Hospitality Revenue Solutions career task force consultants provide temporary seasoned multifaceted hotel managers and corporate executives to support open roles.  Consulting is our career, as seasoned consultants we constantly work in a changing and transitioning environment. By investing in our hotel task force services, our consultants quickly step into a role and bring with them the latest in industry knowledge, focuses and cross-disciplinary skill sets to every task force position.

Task force allows hotels, hotel ownership and hotel management companies to take the time to find the perfect permanent person for the open role while fulfilling the ongoing roles responsibilities and revenue generation. Or maybe you just have a temporary need for a role that does not have a permanent role within you organization.

Our consultants’ focus is bringing business to your hotel or hotel portfolio, keeping hotel revenue flowing and maintaining departmental morale during a time of transition.

Our hospitality consultant network is carefully selected. We are seasoned hotel industry experts who have strong multi-role backgrounds. What sets our career consultants apart is their comprehensive skill sets, they do not silo their support to a singular role requirement. They bring to any temporary hotel task force role integrative role experience, allowing our consultant to accomplish or contribute to more than one discipline.

As career task force consultants our role is to constantly be current on today’s hotel needs, specialties, new business focuses and systems updates to bring an expansive value when fulfilling a hotel or hotel company temporary task force role.


Due to COVID-19 the hospitality industry is seeing a lot of movement with new hotel acquisitions, closures, management and brand changes. Hospitality Revenue Solutions has designed a task force network of career hospitality consultants ready to deploy virtually and on-site when you need us. Our Hotel Transition Task Force Leadership Team works holistically across the nation supporting your brand or hotels transitions, re-opening and bank receivership transition support, providing a consistent team on property and virtually for as long as necessary.

Hotel Transition Task Force Teams collaborate with hospitality ownership, management companies to hotel teams to determine support through transition. Our carefully selected career consultants are a resource to have seasoned experts on-hand to address special focuses such as systems migrations and audits, assessing and refocusing entire departments to deployment support and training. Behind the scenes even if you are utilizing only part of this hotel leadership team for some projects while all for others, we are working as a complete leadership team providing collaboration to ensure successful and much needed consistency during your hotel transitions.

Your transition task force team can start or arrive together, stay as long as needed, incorporating the culture and processes of your company to aid in successful transitions.

Mobile Teams

Short Term Task Force

Director of Sales

Group Sales Manager

Business Travel Sales

Agency360 Data Mining

Typically 30-90 Days

Director of Catering

Catering & Conference Services

Human Resources

Operations Training

Support For Your On-Site Team

Director of Revenue Management

Seasonal RFP/Bid Tracking

General Manager

Chief Engineer

We’re honored.

“Allison has always been a true professional from all aspects of her career. Allison’s willingness to find solutions while keeping the financial results of the property(s) in check always gives me the confidence in Allison’s ability in decision making. Allison has provided our hotels with superb services such as portfolio trainings of our individual hotels on the deeper look at Agency360 and this allowed our hotels to use this report more efficiently and effectively than prior with just the basic training from TravelCLICK. Another service she provided was a Data Mining project in one of large hotels in Washington State where in 90 days they researched Agency360, established key target accounts and prospected to provide an actionable list of qualified accounts for the property to pursue for IBT business in their market. Allison is always ready to assist us with short term task force services providing us with Sr. Level Sales Managers who have extensive knowledge of the market and Agency360 that has helped prepare us for RFP.

Having confidence in Allison is why she is on my speed dial list.”

Ron Taylor, VP Sales, Windsor Capital Group

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