1. Stay Front of Mind– “selling “is not the method. Staying present, outreach, clear communication and useful resources.
  2. Duty of Care Policy– Program Managers & Organizations see this as new requirement of Hotels.
  3. Accreditation
    • Hire an Accreditation Company and post accreditation in content GDS, online, via RFP’s.
    • Collaborate with CDC, WHO and travel bureaus to establish cohesive policy applying to health & safety standards.
  4. RFP & Business Development
    • RFP season is upon us. Program Managers will be more selective than ever and require informed business cases for unsolicited hotels.
    • Hotel BT Managers today need to develop strong understanding of opportunity, be front of mind, and develop relationships for compelling business cases to gain interest.
    • Teams Hotels have working today need to scale up on skills to address RFP response, and proactively identify and understand the travel need of that target client.
    • Proficiency using Lanyon and other online RFP tools and resources.
    • Update GDS, Lanyon, RFP System and Website Content with- Duty of Care, and Accreditation.
  5. Are you Open? Provide Contact While Closed
    • Travel Managers are assuming you are closed.
    • ” We Are Open” post GDS, online and direct to client communication will impact traveler contribution today and forward.
  6. Rate Reduction– this WILL NOT be key driver. Hotel preparedness in communicating safety & health measures will drive business.
    • Dropping rates will not create new demand. Maintain integrity of rates.
    • Understand your position in the market. Don’t set expectations on capturing transient/group you would not have in previous times. Don’t be the weakest competitor and compromise rate -it will not grow business or create demand.
    • Cost of room sold will increase with the new health & safety measures. Maintain pricing and train associates to share pricing includes new costs to deliver and policy.
    • Panic pricing further out will be a big issue do not do it.
    • At MOST current transient discounting should be within 30 days max. Transient booking window stands at 14-30 days at most. Corporate Travel continues to book in same booking window.
    • Dynamic rates will be impacted based on how you manage public rates.
    • Ensure fixed negotiated rates are built to adjust if your BAR falls below the negotiated rate. Build rate code to be at or select% below BAR in this case.
    • Distribution Strategy- Outside 30 days maintain standard transient pricing. Don’t give into discounts like multi night stays and do not lower rate not going to drive demand. Impacts group further out.
  7. Imagery & Content
    • Fresh images of clean rooms, little clutter, white associates clean.
    • Food & Beverage- update in-room dining menus and custom order with delivery on arrival  minibar offerings with fresh immune boosting, anti-inflammatory menu options. Images of food offerings, new restaurant distancing seating images.
    • Feature images and content- in-room exercise amenities; Peloton, Yoga Mat and Bands. Alternatives to using hotel gym.
    • Remote guest check in, touchless or ap generated key entry feature images, content.
    • COVID19 content. Communicate what your hotel is doing to address health & safety. Creative offerings to appeal to the traveler new norm.
    • Update content and images on all channels and website. Include health & safety procedures and services applying to our new norm.