Best practices to effectively design a maintenance and recovery plan

Groups Sales Efforts

Now is the time to act and put a strategic, written plan for recovery in place.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions collaborated with Knowland Group, Kristin House, SVP ConferenceDirect, other Meeting Planners, and other hospitality meetings related leadership. This included what we see and need today, and reviewing historical data from 911, Financial Crash of 2008-2010, and previous 2013 SARS impact. Including short term business opportunities and forecasted recovery business. Here is what hotels can do to work with and optimize recovery period.

By applying Historical data our hotel teams can establish COVID-19 crisis recovery best practices to effectively design a maintenance and recovery plan. Determine what to expect, pivot as needed, establish a solid action plan and foundation to be ahead of the curve of hotels in the market for recovery.

This document outlines recovery steps, sales/catering action plan focuses and revenue management actions. Using Data Valet hotel data, Knowland filtering and training team on proper proactive focuses and sensitive solicitation during these times we have a formula to succeed.


  • Don’t cut all staff/sales.
  • Position for success. Solid written tactical plan for recovery and what the metrics are to achieve this.
  • Immediate opportunities during crisis.
  • Develop & Reestablish Relationships
  • Determine NOW what business will generate bookings during recovery period and pipeline for future.
  • Pivot Revenue Pricing (don’t price 120 days based on today), Distribution and Group Strategy, Sales & Catering focuses immediate/future- evolution of recovery period.
  • Redefine what success looks like during recovery period.
  • Cutting entire staff group or other does not benefit hotel. GM’s are needed to run hotel with no time to steer recovery efforts.
  • Training NOW for true prospecting vs. busywork and the right way to do this during sensitive times.
  • Sample “warm call” email communication from Kristin House, SVP ConferenceDirect.

#1 Most important FIRST step- Issue a formal written document clearly communicating to clients and associates what you are doing to protect safety of guests and your associates during COVID-19.

  • Clear, well written document- specifics what is being done to protect safety of guest/associates.
  • Ensure all Associates speak verbatim to this policy. Communicate this to everyone they speak with. Sales most importantly.
  • Post online and offline, e-blast and include in all marketing and sales communications.
  • This will be necessary to stay present with clients and start client solicitation efforts.

Information collected and provided by Hospitality Revenue Solutions, LLC.
Contact Allison Ahrens for assistance in facilitating your sales and revenue strategies for today’s crisis and future recovery period!