These resources for hotel sales managers will be key assets in positioning your hotel in the direct line of focus for the expected return of the corporate business traveler.

Community forums on key industry association websites, updating  channels with compliant Duty of Care, participating in free marketing and outreach, and being well informed are instrumental for communication with your travel community.

Proficiency using and incorporating your business intelligence tools will position hotel to be well equipped to grow “new” business traveler share.

Crucial understanding and communication of the new business demand and travel needs will accelerate your hotels competitive strengths growing share of the returning traveler.


  1. GBTA & ACTE– Members Community discussions. Learn what Travel Managers are saying. ID type of business travel today and who is returning, restrictions and policy. Develop relationships, front of mind, identify contacts.
  1. TMC-Consortia
    1. Increase in unmanaged business transient traveler not tied to specific contracted hotels. These are travelers related to companies involved in reshaping organizations before return of business.
    2. Reduction in managed preferred corporate travel in the early stages of recovery period.
    3. Participation in TMC/Consortia programs and GDS Marketing will position hotel to aid in capturing this traveler.
    4. Travel Leaders are keeping preferred partners informed by inviting Global NAMS to attend webinars. Update on trends via complimentary GDS marketing opportunities typically with a price tag of $1K-$5K
    5. Consortia TMC Marketing Opportunities.
      • Free Marketing Opportunities are being offered that normally cost $1K-$5 K .
      • Front of Mind- relationship and awareness vs. selling today.
      • Example opportunities include one page updates to hosted videos, recorded webinars, destination training, product training to keep top of mind.
      • Push communication, but not your typical Marketing Message. Make it interesting to Agents.
        • Virtual Tours of hotels.
        • Recorded webinar about your hotel or company applying to specific TMC traveler.
  1. Business Intelligence, Hotel Reporting, Portfolio & Brand Resources
    1. Proficiency in using business intelligence resources is pivotal! Advanced training is necessary to strengthen skills applying and integrating these resources to your business relationship development.
    2. Refine competitive set to the new norm business transient traveler.
    3. Monitor future bookings and types of GDS and direct to hotel business returning.
    4. Outreach and RFP refined business case incorporation.
    5. GSO Teams- be specific with local intel on travel to your comp set and know your new norm customer.
      • Do not inundate GSO with general broad-based requests.
      • Do not target companies who will not use your hotel.
      • Utilize Agency360 detail along with hotel guest data, local drive market prospecting to detail request for participation in managed corporate programs.
    6. Sister Portfolio Hotels
      • Regional Hotel Collaboration -who has relationships within their drive markets.
      • Collective sales efforts not representing silo hotel but business that is shared across drive market regions. New norm.
      • Management and Ownership Group hotels within drive markets leverage portfolio offering via organized collaborative team plan.

Contributing content-Allison Ahrens, President-Hospitality Revenue Solutions LLC & Elaine Kennedy, VP Hotel Market Planning- Pegasus.