TravelClick’s Hotelligence Agency360 Advanced Trainings for property and enterprise reports are our specialty.



3 Phase Virtual Course 


A deeper look at your hotels' data.

Set up & navigate report optimally, gaining usable, trackable data, specific to your hotel.

Improve efficiency of time spent in Agency360.

Refine report details to capture more market share.

Walk away from course with actionable target account profiles to gain new business.



One-hour virtual monthly call for six months

Hotel Team has a continuation of training and refining skills in Agency360 after the Deep Dive Course is completed.

Monthly oversight includes actionable plan each call.

Actual account profiles are established integrating data into sales plan.

Integrate what you learn into actual sales conversations with clients and prospects.



Allow Hospitality Revenue Solutions consultants to apply their refined Hotelligence Agency360 research skills to develop an actionable, researched, qualified list of accounts your hotel can immediately approach and gain new market share.

We provide a master document to your hotel team to immediately take action and build new business.



In-person dedicated 6-hour training.

Incorporating collaborative hands-on team research advancing Agency360 skills.

Efficiently optimize role specific research time.

Integrate data findings into actual sales conversations with clients and prospects.

Business Travel Sales, DOS, GM, Revenue Managers and RDOS all learn their roles' use of report.

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Sebastian Vail

Grow Your Hotels' Business Travel Revenue


Optimize time spent on targeting the right data to fit your seasonal focuses.  Capture new business and market share.  RFP season- building stronger account profiles and business cases.  Hotel teams focus on meaningful, actionable hotel data, incorporating findings into prospecting.  Prerequisite-TravelClick’s high level, general navigation focused, instructor lead trainings.  These courses can be designed for Regional Directors of Sales, General Managers, and Regional Revenue Managers in addition to hotel specific Sales and Revenue teams.   Remote Virtual Trainings, Full Day- single or multiple hotel trainings and National Sales Meeting courses are available.

Customized Day Training Objectives


We will address sales tactics and strategy working with the Agency360 report and other resources to aid in identifying business and building strong business cases for new account generation.

Identify – as a team – using new search skills during hotel specific “round tables” two to six key target accounts to further build business cases and incorporate data findings into meaningful calls.

Helps hotels get a jump start on their corporate business prospecting, walking away from the training with actionable real business opportunities to continue to pursue.

Hospitality Revenue Solutions Meetings

What your competitors are saying...


"I have been handling the transient market for over 15+ years and I swear by the Hotelligence report. Thank goodness the owners of our hotel believe in training and continuous education. When I took the first class with Allison I was amazed at how much more information you can capture from utilizing the different reports available.  As a result of working with Allison,  after the first training I was able to  take the classroom information and really put it into practice. I was able to secure 5 new accounts  that have generated as of May 2017 $181,000 in revenue! 2 of the accounts are now among our top 10 accounts.  I have now progressed to the 1 hour monthly Hot Topics call to further my expertise with the report. There is still so much more to learn and to incorporate into my discussions with target clients.  She is an outstanding teacher and is someone who knows the business inside and out, I am so grateful to our owners that they introduced us to Allison."

-Dorren Mills, Director of Sales, Residence Inn by Marriott - Beverly Hills

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